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Wine cooler with space for 20 bottles Technical features: Total volume: 62 lt Net weight: 21 kg Power supply: 12/24Vdc 100/240Vac 50-60Hz Consumption: 0,40 kWh/24h Dimensions: W 430 x D 470 x H 650 mm
As boaters often used theft-prone gadgets such as plotter to navigate, these can attract thieves and should be protected when you leave the boat. With this safe you will not have to worry that your valuable gadgets will be stolen and even if you forget to take home, the items…
Flexibel solpanel GSC 37 Vpmax (V) 4,64 I pmax (A) 8,16 Pmax (Watt) 37,86 VCA (V) 5,2 Icc (I) 8,45 Efficiency 14,2 % H 740(mm) L 360(mm) B 1,5 (mm) Vikt 0,67(Kg) Thanks to its lightness and flexibility this monocrystalline semi flexible solar panel is perfect for: marine applications such as boats, yachts, sailing boats and electric boats…
50 Watt Solar panel that can easily be place on your RV or boat. A robust construction that withstand walking on. The surface is self-cleaning. Technical specifications: Power: 50W Size: 675*505*4mm